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art fairs
ViennaArt 2009, Vienna, gallery Fluegel&Roncak

art21, Cologne, 2009, gallery Fluegel&Roncak


searching II, gallery Voigt, Nuermberg

le petit bleu, gallery Albrecht Dürer Strasse, Nueremberg

Designmanufaktur, Nuremberg

Roter Punkt, Nuremberg

Mobilia, Nuremberg

Porsche, Munich

dein&meins, Nuremberg


Fluegel & Roncak, Nuremberg, Bratislava

Gallery Voigt, Nuremberg

Gallery Albrecht Duerer, Nuremberg

Fluegel & Roncak, Nuremberg, Bratislava

Topas Art, Erlangen

SaatchiArt, Los Angeles

singulart, Paris


Continuous purchases by private collectors in

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Netherlands, Canada, UK and in the United States



Born in 1976 in Nuernberg, Germany. After graduation from

"Akademie der bildenden Kuenste" (the the oldest Academy of Fine Arts) Nuernberg, Germany, at class of Professor Michael Munding in 2006, I started working as a professional freelance artist.

My work tries to reduce everything to a clear and eye-catching line. 

Reduce to the max with a maximum of bright, fluorescent colour.

As a 80ies kid, I grew up with neon colors and comics, which have never lost their fascination for me.

My work is also deeply influenced by Pop Art, everything is either colourful and rich of deep contrast.

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